Challege #23 Ethical Meat Eating


Greetings and Salutations,

So each month I like to give myself a 30 day challenge, just to keep things interesting and help me learn something new about the world and myself. I have done everything: no caffeine, eating only raw food,not saying one ill world about another human being.. ect ect.

So what would my new challenge be…………..

I was in bed, watching “Vegucated” a documentary on a vegan lifestyle and something really got me, the description of the lives of fryer chickens: “The ammonia fumes thrown off by their rotting excrement lead to breast blisters, leg sores, and respiratory disease. Bred to produce the maximum amount of meat in the minimum amount of time, fryers often become so top-heavy that they can’t support their own weight. At slaughtering time, they are shackled by their feet, hung from a conveyor belt, and dipped into an electrified bath known as ‘the stunner.'”

I’ve tried to give up meat before. Several times before. I decided I would become a Vegan, for about 5 minutes. Then my fiance who is a chef told me how absurd it would be for me to try to give up meat all together.But I realized I could no longer live with my decision to eat animals that are treated so brutally. And I also admitted that–while I can cut back on my meat intake–I am not (at least not yet) willing to give up meat altogether. And so I made this decision, I will eat meat only if I know it was humanely raised and humanely killed. The beauty of living in upstate NY  is that, while this will involve some major sacrifices, I know it’s possible.

And for everyone out there that just can’t grasp this notion or why I would make this decision I have added a lovely photo comparison to see what it is I am actually talking about….


FACTORY FARMING: What you get at any  super market


ORGANIC PASTURE FEED FARMS: What you get at farmers markets and from your local farms

Challenge #23 No eating meat unless I know where it came from, how it was raised, and how it was killed.

The rules of the challenge

1. The meat must come from a local organic farm

2.The meat must be from an animal that had a happy healthy life

3.I can not any caged animal meat (the animal must never be confined to a cage, it has to roam freely)

4.The animal must not be killed at a factory slaughter-house, it must be killed on the farm it was raised

5.The animal must be pasture feed

6.The animal must not be giving any hormones.

And so the adventure begins.